June 14th The Thursdayest Thursday that ever Thursdayed…

Good Morning Chaotic Friends!

On todays post I will be pondering Sizes..

For me, Summer is already winding down and I am starting to reflect on how this year has gone and what I need to do differently as I enter preparation for Fall and Winter Creation mode.

I would love some feedback on your favorite sizes when considering art..

Do you like the small 12×12 canvas does the deep gallery wrap edge impress you? Or would you rather have studio wrap edge to allow for frames?

According to my sales it seems the 24×24 deep gallery wrap canvas is the most popular. Its a good medium size that draws attention but isn’t over bearing. order 6 all similar in color and style and now you have a massive statement collection above your couch.

I personally love the 30×30 deep gallery wrap canvas. More space, more fun. However 30×30 is starting to get almost too expensive to ship. But then again 3 30×30’s look absolutely amazing lined up in a row on a gorgeous fresh wall or exposed brick wall. Hopefully will have the opportunity to show that example within the next month.

So thoughts? comments? feedback? bullying? never hesitate to reach out. I always try to help. My current goal is a painting in each US state. Also might do the 365 days of painting challenge ( a new painting released everyday) aggressive? yes… bad idea? yes… Expensive project? yes… Should I do it? probably not.. Are you going to do it anyways? 😉 ….

That’s all for now, thankful for everyone for the support,

Chaotic Mike

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