Short introduction

Hey Chaotic Fans! Chaotic Mike here again, to first start out by saying one million times thank you for the continued support in my passion! I started to dabble in painting 6-7 years ago now and had no clear vision of my future in it. All of you have been amazing in helping me continue on my journey! When I moved to my current city of Ludington, MI everyone had told me I better get a hobby for the long cold winter months living next to beautiful lake Michigan. I had tried painting a tiny bit before then, it was time to dive a little deeper I thought.

Big shout out to Carrie and Molly, why? Right after I had started painting and getting a feel for stuff, Carrie (My wife’s long time friend) was over and wanted me to do a painting for her after she saw what I was working on. I agreed to try, and got my first ever sale. No idea what it was titled, no photo of it that I can find recently, but I do remember it being three panels. Molly was a new acquaintance I worked on a project with while continuing my education at DePaul. She supported me by requesting a bigger painting that was two pieces. I was faking it till I made it at this point and if I recall it wasn’t great. She pretended to like it anyways and I’m sure its floating around at a goodwill somewhere in Chicagoland.

I don’t want to write a whole autobiography today just giving my new fans a small excerpt of how I caught the disease known as being an artist and fueled the fire to becoming a professional artist. Last I checked a professional was just someone who got paid to do something. So I’m not saying I’m the best, just saying I do now get paid to do my passion. Still hungry? you bet. I would love to continue to work towards doing this full time. It will come, as more and more cool people find me and stick around. I know my art is progressive and continually getting more modern and pushing into abstract expressionism. Hang in there, every once in awhile I fly of the tracks and do something totally different for awhile.

Let me know below if you want to hear more about something specific. What color combo series should I try next?

Check my events tab to come visit me in person and soon get updates on the super exciting accomplishment of being a part of Art prize 10 this fall!

Over and out!


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