Michael Coleman
A.K.A Chaotic Mike

@Chaoticstudio on Instagram and Etsy

I am originally from the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. I moved to Ludington, MI in the summer of 2012 when I first took to painting and pursuing status of professional artist. The styles of art I enjoy the most are along the lines of urban graffiti, Andy Warhol and abstract paintings such as Jackson Pollock. I started drawing, coloring and illustrating at a very young age. I have very little art education past high school as I pursued business and criminal justice in college. My current work is primarily in acrylic paints, although I also dabble with oils as well. My artwork is my outlet for stress and anxiety, I enjoy experimenting with paint along with other mediums to express myself and bring fulfilment into my life. I do some sort of artwork every day. I have been featured in 4 different galleries in Michigan and continue to attend art fairs as my schedule allows.
I believe art should be accessible to everyone. This is why I provide very affordable original works of art. My goal is to provide inspiration for everyone through my art. For requests, feedback, and other suggestions please contact me via Instagram, Etsy, or Facebook.