Cant Believe it

What an amazing year for me! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, one million times thank you to each and every one of my supporters! I cannot even begin to find the words to express how fortunate and humbled I am by everyone’s support. Each Like, comment, retweet, purchase, and referral helps so much. You guys have helped me so much and I am forever grateful. But the year isn’t over? Well yes and no, as you can tell that I am not so great at blogging consistently. Will I get better? Definitely maybe.

But yes 2018 is over in the sense that the art fair season is winding down and we could see snow in the next few weeks. Yikes! My art fair tour was amazing and exhausting. I got to meet a lot of really cool people and make some new friends. I got to see areas I may have never gone to had it not been for the art fairs. It was a great experience and good for learning my market and helping me know how to price my works. One take away is next year I only plan to do 5 instead of 8. One goal is to have one of the art fairs be farther away for 2019. Yes I have submitted a few applications already.

What a better way to end the season but to be a part of Artprize 10! This has been a goal to be a part of this for six years now, and last year I worked up the nerve to make it a goal for this year. So I am in Artprize 2018 at One Trick Pony. So thank you to anyone and everyone who is checking out my work down there and voting for me. Big thank you to One Trick Pony for requesting me to be at their venue, very cool spot to be at.

With high hopes of a few more decent sales in the next two months. I plan to reinvest into some mega canvas to experiment with and work my way towards my 2019 goal. What is my 2019 goal? Well I stopped by a few amazing galleries this year and my hopes are to expand into some of these better known and beautiful spaces. One promising gallery was Chicago Art Source. I had stopped in there and had a nice quick conversation with one of the curators who explained their process better and showed me what they were looking for. They are able to move jumbo paintings in their location. They were positive about my style and work on my website and encouraged me to do some large scale work and apply to be an affiliate. So my goal is to get into their affiliate artist library and push to be in one of their shows around this time next year. I also hope to expand my network of galleries to broaden my exposure.

I also plan to do some more videos, do some live classes, and continue to hunt for studio space. Well that is all for now, stay tuned into my social channels to see what I am working on next! Please comment below on topics you wish for me to discuss more or clarify. Hit the contact me tab if you have an idea, want a commissioned piece, or want to have coffee sometime soon!

Thanks again everyone,

Chaotic Mike


Short introduction

Hey Chaotic Fans! Chaotic Mike here again, to first start out by saying one million times thank you for the continued support in my passion! I started to dabble in painting 6-7 years ago now and had no clear vision of my future in it. All of you have been amazing in helping me continue on my journey! When I moved to my current city of Ludington, MI everyone had told me I better get a hobby for the long cold winter months living next to beautiful lake Michigan. I had tried painting a tiny bit before then, it was time to dive a little deeper I thought.

Big shout out to Carrie and Molly, why? Right after I had started painting and getting a feel for stuff, Carrie (My wife’s long time friend) was over and wanted me to do a painting for her after she saw what I was working on. I agreed to try, and got my first ever sale. No idea what it was titled, no photo of it that I can find recently, but I do remember it being three panels. Molly was a new acquaintance I worked on a project with while continuing my education at DePaul. She supported me by requesting a bigger painting that was two pieces. I was faking it till I made it at this point and if I recall it wasn’t great. She pretended to like it anyways and I’m sure its floating around at a goodwill somewhere in Chicagoland.

I don’t want to write a whole autobiography today just giving my new fans a small excerpt of how I caught the disease known as being an artist and fueled the fire to becoming a professional artist. Last I checked a professional was just someone who got paid to do something. So I’m not saying I’m the best, just saying I do now get paid to do my passion. Still hungry? you bet. I would love to continue to work towards doing this full time. It will come, as more and more cool people find me and stick around. I know my art is progressive and continually getting more modern and pushing into abstract expressionism. Hang in there, every once in awhile I fly of the tracks and do something totally different for awhile.

Let me know below if you want to hear more about something specific. What color combo series should I try next?

Check my events tab to come visit me in person and soon get updates on the super exciting accomplishment of being a part of Art prize 10 this fall!

Over and out!


June 14th The Thursdayest Thursday that ever Thursdayed…

Good Morning Chaotic Friends!

On todays post I will be pondering Sizes..

For me, Summer is already winding down and I am starting to reflect on how this year has gone and what I need to do differently as I enter preparation for Fall and Winter Creation mode.

I would love some feedback on your favorite sizes when considering art..

Do you like the small 12×12 canvas does the deep gallery wrap edge impress you? Or would you rather have studio wrap edge to allow for frames?

According to my sales it seems the 24×24 deep gallery wrap canvas is the most popular. Its a good medium size that draws attention but isn’t over bearing. order 6 all similar in color and style and now you have a massive statement collection above your couch.

I personally love the 30×30 deep gallery wrap canvas. More space, more fun. However 30×30 is starting to get almost too expensive to ship. But then again 3 30×30’s look absolutely amazing lined up in a row on a gorgeous fresh wall or exposed brick wall. Hopefully will have the opportunity to show that example within the next month.

So thoughts? comments? feedback? bullying? never hesitate to reach out. I always try to help. My current goal is a painting in each US state. Also might do the 365 days of painting challenge ( a new painting released everyday) aggressive? yes… bad idea? yes… Expensive project? yes… Should I do it? probably not.. Are you going to do it anyways? 😉 ….

That’s all for now, thankful for everyone for the support,

Chaotic Mike